Root Canal Information

Pain from an injured pulp is caused by pressure on the surrounding tissue, due to inflammation [pulpitis] or infection [necrosis].

  • Treatment involves removing the pulp tissue from inside the tooth root and cleaning and disinfecting the canal space.
  • After the root canal, the cause of the infection and/or inflammation is gone. However, there will still be some infection and/or inflammation in the surrounding bone. Your body will work to clear it up.
  • Depending on the degree of infection, antibiotics may be necessary. I also recommend an anti-inflammatory drug as inflammation usually occurs as a result of a root canal. It is advisable to take the anti-inflammatory prior to when the freezing wears off, and for two days after, depending on the severity of pain.
  • Post treatment symptoms may include a throbbing pain, which could last for 7 – 10 days. There may be soft tissue swelling as the root canal treatment ‘stirs up’ an abscess.

Depending on the size of the access cavity prep, it is recommended that a crown be placed to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

~Dr. Scott Thordarson