Dental Myths

Myth 1 – if I brush my teeth really well right before a dental appointment, they won’t notice that I haven’t been following proper brushing habits.

Not brushing twice a day can lead to the formation of plaque and bleeding and swollen gums which the dentist or hygienist will notice, that is why brushing twice a day is extremely important, and it makes for pain free dental cleaning when you do go in.Continue reading


Why Do I Need X-rays?

Dental x-rays are extremely valuable for helping to detect oral diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues. An x-ray exam may reveal small cavities that can’t be seen by a visual exam, infections in the bone, abscesses, cysts, developmental abnormalities, such as extra or impacted teeth and some types of tumors. Just because such diseases, including early tooth decay, can’t be seen by a visual exam does not mean that treatment isn’t required

Is it Safe to Have Dental X-rays?Continue reading

Children and Dental Care

Once a child’s teeth have developed it is important to have regular dental check-ups. The idea is to bring the toddler to the dental office at a young age to introduce them to the idea of coming in and start with having their teeth counted and attempt to polish the teeth, and as years go on the child is comfortable with routine check-ups. Dr Thordarson can assess problems at the start, and apply a sealant to the teeth that show signs of oncoming decay to slow the process and allow the child to keep their primary teeth, which is important for spacing.

Under the BC Healthy Kids Program, among others, there are subsidy options that exist for low income families.

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